Improv for Powerful Leadership and Unmatchable Teamwork

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Today’s leaders need to be flexible, adaptable and versatile. Today’s teams need to work agilely, fluidly, and efficiently.

Applied Improv* is proven to deliver effective leadership training that prepares you to thrive in an uncertain climate.

Applied Improv is proven to deliver team building training that ensures excellent communication and true collaboration

You might only associate Improvisation with comedy, silliness and  “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.  In fact, below the comedy surface is a well-developed set of learnt skills which enable improvisers to work collaboratively, flexibly, under extreme pressure, and without knowing what will happen next.  Wouldn’t you love your company, your colleagues, your team to be able to work like that?

It’s not about becoming a comedian or a performer.  It’s all about acquiring a set of practical skills for the workplace.

*Applied Improvisation: The application of the principles of improvisation for the purpose of enhancing human behavior in life, education, business, and society

Leadership training and team training though Applied Improv:

  • builds trust
  • increases emotional intelligence
  • heightens innovation and creativity
  • strengthens engagement
  • enhances problem solving
  • encourages collaboration
  • develops active listening skills
  • boosts executive presence
  • creates supportive environments
Applied Improvisation training is now a worldwide movement, being used to great positive effect in the US, in Europe, in Africa.  Now the most forward thinking and successful companies in the UK are now beginning to adopt Applied Improv as a training technique to develop their staff and give their company that completive edge.

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