The Improv Initiative was founded by me, , to provide applied improvisation training as a means to develop leadership and teamwork skills.

I am a trainer/facilitator and I also run a company called Let’s Talk.

I am an improviser and Improv teacher.  I run, and perform with, a group called Box of Frogs.

I am a member of AIN (the Applied Improvisation Network), an international group of trainers who use the skills and methods of Improv to bring about social, personal, political or organisational change.

I am a certified NLP Premiere Practitioner.

I am passionate about the use of Improv as a powerful tool of transformation.  Improvisation Training for Managers and Improvisation Training for Employees now has a long and documented success record around the world.  I would now like to bring these benefits the UK.

Jon Trevor

Leadership Trainer & Team Builder

Other things about me you might like to know…

I have features and articles published in The Guardian, Financial Times, The Training Journal, Dive Magazine, Skydive the Mag and I have appeared on Radio 4 amongst other shows.

I am a BHA accredited Humanist Funeral Celebrant.

I am a licensed and experienced skydiver and videographer with over 1,750 skydives in my logbook. I was a UK 8-way Sequential Formation Skydiving Intermediate 2010 National Champion.



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