Applied Improv builds effortless collaboration

Join Our TeamBy Jon Trevor

When 2 inexperienced improvisers step on stage, it often goes something like this:-

“Isn’t it lovely here at the Antarctic”
“What are you talking about? We’re in the middle of the African Jungle”

Each has entered with a firm idea which they are certain will make a great scene, so each is focussed purely on transmitting it to their partner. The result is a confused audience, and scene that immediately stalls and dies.

Experienced improvisers learn to do it differently. They hold their own ideas lightly, and do not assume it’s the best one. They listen and watch carefully, and focus their attention outwards.

They are eager to see and hear what their partner has to offer, and they support it immediately and enthusiastically. By this means, something interesting and lively always emerges.

When you enter a meeting or discussion, how do you enter? Focussed on getting your idea and point of view over, convinced it is the best solution? Or open and listening, eager to see what your opposite number has to offer?

Take the Improv Initiative, and learn to collaborate effortlessly.

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