Delivering a research workshop on Micro-Negotiation


By Jon Trevor


At the beginning of October I travelled to Berlin for the wonderful Applied Improvisation Network Annual Conference.  It was an inspirational gathering of members of the 2,000 strong network of people from all around the world who use the skills of Improvisation to bring about Personal, Corporate and Social transformations.

I was delighted to have been asked to deliver a research workshop to my fellow practitioners on the topic of Micro-Negotiation.  It is no secret that those who practice Improvisation become fantastic negotiators, capable of effortless, real-time, microsecond-by-microsecond win-win negotiations.  The question I was asked to research was “How do we do that?  Is there something that we can teach the world?

The answer that we discovered can be boiled down to a single sentence:-

“We are so successful because we enter negotiation with the goal of finding agreements, not with the goal of achieving our own desires”

Would you like to be a superb negotiator?  Then take the Improv Initiative.

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