Everything is an Offer – widening your choices with Applied Improv


By Jon Trevor

Improvisers learn that “Everything is an Offer”.  If your scene partner sneezes, you don’t ignore it, you incorporate it into the action, which now becomes about nursing a sick friend.  If your on-stage husband mistakenly calls your character by the wrong name, you use the error to accuse him of having an affair.  And even if your acting partner is struck with stage-fright, and stands there frozen and wide-eyed, it’s still an offer – perhaps they have seen a ghost behind you.

Thriving and successful businesses learn the same lesson.  A disgruntled customer is an offer – a chance to solve their problem and turn them into a loyal follower.  An economic downturn is an offer – an opportunity to win new business by offering customers extra value-for-money. Every potential hazard and misfortune can be transformed into something positive, if you remember that it is an Offer.

Take the Improv Initiative, and learn to capitalise on every Offer.


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  • […] Because when you are working collectively without a script, which is what improvisers do, you can only co-create effectively with your fellow players if everyone is on the “same page”, and that means everyone noticing everything that everyone else is doing, even the stuff we normally filter out.  Especially the stuff we normally filter out.  That’s why we say in Improv “everything is an offer”. […]

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