Is there anything that Applied Improv can’t Improve?

By Jon Trevor

Last week I was lucky enough to be at the Applied Improvisation Network’s fantastic conference at Keble College in Oxford.  There were 250 practitioners from around the world sharing their experience of the extraordinary power of Applied Improvisation to bring about amazing shifts, changes and improvements in an astonishing variety of ways.

There are people all around the world using the tools of Applied Improv for (stand by for a lot of clicking!):

Humanitarian work with NGOs

Social Inclusion Projects (in Dutch – you might need Google Translate)

Managing Organisational Change

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Agile/Scrum Software Development

Language Teaching

Training in Business Schools

Crisis training for Disaster Response

Negotiation Training

Medical Teams

Improved teamwork within organisations

and a multitude of further applications.  Is there anything that Applied Improv can’t Improve?

Improv Initiative can bring these same benefits to your team, organisation, training room or project.  Contact me for more details.  I would love to show you the power of Applied Improv.

Let’s speak soon!


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