Marie Curie Takes the Applied Improv Plunge

MARIE CURIEAnother great Improv Training session last Friday. 12 adventurous people from Marie Curie Cancer Care in Vauxhall threw themselves into a two-hour “bite-size learning” session of Applied Improv. The emphasis of the workshop was on teamwork, listening and effortless creativity.

This time I remembered to get some post-workshop evaluation. I’m so pleased I did, because the responses have been fantastic! 100% of participants felt the skills would be of value in their work role, and 100% also felt that Improv skills could help team functioning within the workplace.

The most rewarding post-event comment? “I was skeptical about the session at first, but after 20 minutes I was enjoying myself. I was surprised how useful and applicable the activities and lessons were.”

To book a team building or leadership Imrprov session for your organisation, get in touch.

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