Surrounded by Geniuses!

geniusBy Jon Trevor

There is a tenet that is used throughout the Improv world that goes “Your skill level is average – your fellow players are all geniuses!”

It is useful for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it takes the pressure off you as an individual on stage. You are not stressing yourself to be brilliant, original, funny, creative. Your only job is to be there to support the geniuses that surround you, which even an average player can do.

Secondly, by assuming your fellow players are all geniuses, you pay very careful attention to all their contributions, treat them with respect, and build upon them.

Of course, each of your fellow players is doing the same thing, so they will in turn be treating you as a genius.  Having your ideas positively accepted and valued will encourage your creative juices, and help you produce more excellent work.  This way true creative collaboration unfolds, and the magic of Improv happens.

Now apply this principle to your working environment.  Imagine the results if you, and everyone you work with, behaved as if surrounded by geniuses.  Treated each other’s ideas and contributions as golden. What couldn’t be achieved…?

Applied Improv can turn your workplace into a hotbed of genius.  Take the Improv Initiative


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