Is there anything that Applied Improv can’t Improve?

By Jon Trevor

Last week I was lucky enough to be at the Applied Improvisation Network’s fantastic conference at Keble College in Oxford. There were 250 practitioners from around the world sharing their experience of the extraordinary power of Applied Improvisation to bring about amazing shifts, changes and improvements in an astonishing variety of ways.


Teamwork vs Collaboration

The terms “Teamwork” and “Collaboration” are often used interchangeably. I believe they are very different beasts.

Formula One Pit Crews are fabulous examples of the ultimate team. They can change all 4 wheels of a racecar in an almost inconceivable 2 seconds, through meticulously planned, finely choreographed and endlessly rehearsed co-operative action. They epitomise the […]

What do Twitter, Pixar and Ideo have in common?

By Jon Trevor

Apart from being hugely successful that is? The answer is that they have all embraced Improv into their culture. They have all brought in Applied Improvisation specialists to help them create agile, collaborative and creative companies. Perhaps that is why they are hugely successful. Would you like your organisation to be more […]