We’ve got enough comedians here already….

By Jon Trevor

The fact that Applied Improvisation can have a great impact on organisations is no longer in question. There has been a huge amount of research done by universities, business schools, and independent academics, and the findings are unassailable. Applied Improv is a fast-track, high-impact, experiential route into better teamwork and collaboration, improved […]

Is there anything that Applied Improv can’t Improve?

By Jon Trevor

Last week I was lucky enough to be at the Applied Improvisation Network’s fantastic conference at Keble College in Oxford. There were 250 practitioners from around the world sharing their experience of the extraordinary power of Applied Improvisation to bring about amazing shifts, changes and improvements in an astonishing variety of ways.


Delivering a research workshop on Micro-Negotiation

By Jon Trevor


At the beginning of October I travelled to Berlin for the wonderful Applied Improvisation Network Annual Conference. It was an inspirational gathering of members of the 2,000 strong network of people from all around the world who use the skills of Improvisation to bring about Personal, Corporate and Social transformations.


Marie Curie Takes the Applied Improv Plunge

Another great Improv Training session last Friday. 12 adventurous people from Marie Curie Cancer Care in Vauxhall threw themselves into a two-hour “bite-size learning” session of Applied Improv. The emphasis of the workshop was on teamwork, listening and effortless creativity.

This time I remembered to get some post-workshop evaluation. I’m so pleased I did, because […]

The Doctors Will See You Now

A group of GPs-in-training were the latest to go through the Applied Improv experience.

Now remember, these are people who work in an environment where even a tiny error can have monumental consequences, and it becomes second nature to them to be careful, thoughtful, and risk-averse. So I really wasn’t sure how they would respond […]