Why Improv Works for Leadership Training & Team Building

Business Improvisation is poised to be the next “killer app” for organizational growth and performance. It is a highly valuable tool designed to enhance the skills and productivity of an organization’s most valuable asset- its people.”

Robin W. Pratt, Ph.D,

Applied Improv is by nature very engaging.  It teaches through offering an immediate, active, fun, embodied experience, followed by time to reflect and apply the learning to a real-life world.

Applied Improv is not about becoming an actor, a comedian or an entertainer.  It is about acquiring a set of incredibly useful personal and interpersonal skills.  But then it goes much further…

Practicing Applied Improv is a bit like learning a martial art such as Karate.  It begins with a series of exercises; after a short while, you discover these exercises have very direct application and uses;  then you discover a whole philosophy and way of life.  That’s why people development training through Applied Improv is not only powerful but sticky too.

The truth is, it is impossible to learn Improv without being changed. You become more playful, more curious, more supportive, more flexible, less fearful, more collaborative, more appreciative of others, and usually develop a more positive outlook on life.

You don’t have to take this assertion at face value.
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