Which Reindeer are you?


Our North Pole Training Associate, Mr Kringle, specialist in Snowciology and Psycho-baubles, has developed a special Xmas psychometric yule-tool. Find out which of the 8 Reindeer Personality types you match with the Let’s Talk Sleigh-Team-Role Preference Profiler.

 Which of the following sentences best describes your approach to work?

1)  I like to whizz through my workload fast    You are a Dasher - for you it’s all about speed, not efficacy
2)  I rely on non-verbal communicationYou are a Dancer - elegant and enigmatic
3)  I spring into actionYou are a Prancer - you will get on in leaps and bounds
4)  I work my way up with cunningYou are a Vixen - tricky, though probably quite foxy
5)  I am somewhat cold and distantYou are a Comet - you have the potential to be meteoric
6)  I like to charm everyone You are a Cupid -  you can be wounding
7)  I am ready to rumble and shake people up   You are a Donner - definitely a big noise
8)  I light up the room whenever I enterYou are a Blitzen - a creative spark with a tendency to be flashy

…and for those wishing to develop their management capability, we have a brand new training offer –
“Getting ahead by a nose – leadership wisdom from Rudolph”

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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