Teamwork and Communication Podcasts

Here are some bite-size videos with hints and tips about different aspect of teamwork and communication. More will follow. I hope you find them interesting and useful.

Web Seminar 14 - Making Others Look Good Web Seminar 15 - Deep Listening Web Seminar 16 - Delighted Anticipation
Webinar 14 – Making Others Look Good Webinar 15 – Deep Listening Webinar 16 – Delighted Anticipation
Web Seminar 20 - Reflection Web Seminar 21 - Giving Feedback Web Seminar 22 - Receiving Feedback
Webinar 20 – Reflection Webinar 21 – Giving Feedback Webinar 22 – Receiving Feedback
 Webinar 24 – Say Thank You   Webinar 26 – Difficult Conversations    Webinar 27 -Failure Bow

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