Brilliant Communication

If you read Donnell King’s Four Principles of Interpersonal Communication, you’ll understand that communication underpins every single thing we do.

So if our communication is brilliant, it follows that this can only improve every single thing we do. Such as:-

  • At Work:-


Leadership and Management


Customer Service

Staff Satisfaction

Dealing with difficult people


Interviewing and being Interviewed

  • At Play:-

Personal Relationships

Buying and selling


Teamwork, sports, hobbies

Committees or political activity


There is a cluster of skills that underpin all good communication, and a box of incredibly useful tools that can be brought into play.   Tools such as:-

  • True Listening
  • Open Questioning
  • Reflection
  • Matching, pacing and leading
  • Empathic response
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Rapport
  • Feedback – giving and receiving
  • Checking and Summarising

These skills and tools can be learnt, practiced and improved. 

I specialise in delivering both pre-designed and bespoke courses in all aspects of brilliant communication, for groups of any size from 1-200+

Contact me to discuss.


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