Organisational Storytelling

Storytelling in the workplace is a fantastic, human way to to educate and explain, to share knowledge, to lighten a difficult situation, to create connections between colleagues, workers and managers.

Storytelling has the power to move people to give voice to their convictions, to stand up for what they believe in and to create friendlier workplace communities.

I offer a number of useful interventions around storytelling.  I can:-

  • train managers and leaders to enable them to tell powerful workplace stories to move, touch and inspire


  • offer intense one-on-one coaching with leaders to give them the presence and confidence to tell their stories with passion, committment and authenticity


  • work with a cross-section of the organisation, to discover the stories that drive the company and create the best working culture


  • enable project teams to find and tell the good stories that help them celebrate success and overcome problems.

For more information and inspiration, contact me.

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