Team Building

The credit control department had taken teamwork to a new level

For teams to work well together, they need to:-

  • agree on their goals
  • understand the bigger picture
  • appreciate each others’ roles
  • respect each others’ strengths
  • communicate effectively
  • manage potential conflict
  • negotiate to manage needs
  • be willing to collaborate

There is a whole spectrum of approaches to achieving this. At one end of the axis lies let’s-build-a-raft-get-soaked-have-fun-then-go-to-the-pub-afterwards”At the other end lies faciliated discussions examining workplace problems in detail, to put into place mediated shared solutions

Every team has a different starting point and a different need, so an off-the-shelf training day can’t be ideal.

I will create and facilitate a training event that falls precisely at the appropriate point along the spectrum, tailor-made to bring the right mix of lively activity and careful reflection to achieve the results your team needs.

I use a wide range of games and experiential exercises to engage all team members. Every activity will fun and engaging, even the most challenging ones.  The day will be conducted in a safe and supportive environment, and will be geared towards enabling members of the team to notice and understand their individual contributions to the group dynamic, and explore how the group can best work together to achieve the best results.

Most important of all, we will pay careful attention to how this learning can be embedded back in the workplace.

If you would like more information, contact me.

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