What Clients Say

“Very interesting, never boring, really stretched me.  Would recommend for colleagues to attend. Would like to revisit this training in 2 years.”

Angela Smith – Optima Housing, Customer Service Training Attendee

“Jon has led a wide range of courses for us, and we know we can always rely upon him to facilitate them in a lively, refreshing and highly effective way. He succeeds in delivering complex and technical information in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. The feedback from training delegates is always excellent, and the learning irrefutable. He comes highly recommended.”

Roger Faries – Mercedes-Benz UK Limited

“Thank you for a really stimulating day – we are still talking about it. The day was superb. It was so clear that you really ingested the brief we had given you, and then you built on it in a way which engaged us for the whole day (never a dull moment). You left us with some great tools and ways of thinking and really engaged very well with the situations we deal with. During the day you took our views and made sure you were on track with what we wanted.”

Daniel Casson – Head of Business Development, Jewish Care

“In summer 2011 I sent a member of my team on Jon’s ‘fear of flying’ presentations skills course. Why? because every time I tried to get her up at the podium at one of our big internal events she became visibly terrified – had a complete personality change and literally fell apart! I had tried to guide her but it became clear that she needed more support than I was equipped to offer.
When she returned from Jon’s course she was very positive (although still hesitant about putting her new techniques into practise in front of her peers). There have been a few small opportunities to present since the course and I can see her using the techniques she talked about getting from Jon and she is definitely growing in confidence thanks to his guidance.
The proof of Jon’s results really came though when, once again, I suggested she take the podium at the next big internal event. This time I was met with a casual ‘no problem, how about I cover xyz’… I expect her to go from strength to strength in this area now and would like to thank Jon for being an enabler.”

Caroline Hughes – Head of Ethernet, Copper & Service Based Solutions Marketing, BT Openreach

“When I get back to my workplace, I will be able to use the confidence I have gained.”

Becky Wilcox – Dunlop Aerospace

“I particularly enjoyed the participation, and the feedback on myself.”

Billy Sondh – NEC Group.

“We hired Jon to facilitate a series of meetings and workshops for our pilot group of Community Connectors, to help provide them with the skills and confidence to pass vital medical messages on to their communities.
We were delighted with the way he pulled the group of health professionals and community workers together into a cohesive team, and how he made the learning and the communication great fun and yet highly effective.
Feedback from the participants was very positive and the success of the project was considerably enhanced by Jon’s contribution.”

Kate King – Enterprising Communities

“Jon Trevor delivered a fantastic, unexpected and truly rewarding session. What on the surface felt like ‘play’ was valuable in helping the group understand how we can work positively and effectively both individually and within our teams and organisations. Well worth investing in”.

Janu Miah, People & Organisational Development, MARIE CURIE CANCER CARE

“Jon is one of the most experienced trainer/facilitators in the business! I cannot think of a situation that would daunt Jon; he is resourceful, imaginative, passionate and effective. He has more tools, games and processes than anyone else I have worked with in the last 13 years. Jon is one of those rare individuals who is as happy and capable with people on the shop floor as he is with Managing directors. Oh, and he gets results…”

Paul Miller – Partner, Bring YourSelf 2 Work

“I learnt that as GPs we need to spend time listening more to patients, and responding and acting on their words, as opposed to using our own words
Lot’s of fun – did not stop smiling all afternoon. Thank you!”

Two GP-Trainee Participants, North Birmingham VTS

“Thought provoking and interesting. I have learnt things that I will reflect upon and use.”

Darlene Mansural – Telford and Wrekin Council”

“Thank you for a great, enjoyable day. You have given me lots of ideas and enthusiasm. “

Kay Strait – Birches Green School

“This was a great training experience!”

Tom Cockbill – RSPB

“Jon is a brilliant trainer, and it is an excellent course”

Ivan Cadge – Chrysler Oxford

“I found this to be incredibly eye-opening on a personal level”

Hooman Panashmond – IMI plc

“I am writing to thank you for the tremendous work you did with the Company over the last two days. I have spoken to many of the staff this morning and most people are really buzzing. They have said they got a tremendous amount out of the last couple of days and, in particular, were really able to apply the learning from the sessions and think about its application in the workplace.
Many staff have gone out of their way to say to me how effective and professional you were and how much they warmed to you. High praise indeed, particularly when you think you were starting from cold with 80% of the people there
So, once again, many thanks.”

Amanda Shilton – Deputy Chief Executive, NUS Services

“During the last 9 years, Jon Trevor has always been our first ‘go to’ associate at Purple Monster. Not only is he entirely reliable and can be depended upon for a consistently high quality of work, but in the field of arts-based business practitioners, Jon is undoubtedly in the top one or two percent.
We can rely on Jon to develop strong business relationships and bring his long experience to bear on any number of client requests. Jon is enthusiastic, professional and has an abundance of the most important quality that we seek in anyone who works with our company – the ability to connect.
Jon has a wonderful array of tools and techniques that he brings to the field of learning and development and in particular his work on presentation skills is stand out excellent. Jon has a friendly and easy style and can quickly have individuals or rooms full of people enjoying a learning experience.
Feedback on sessions that Jon has designed and delivered for Purple Monster have always been 100% positive and I would have no hesitation in recommending Jon to any of our own clients and anyone considering engaging his services.”

Alan Heap – CEO, Purple Monster Training

“I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Jon. He is fantastic, really lovely to work with. He made me feel so relaxed.”

Gail Parmel – Artistic Director, ACE Dance and Music.

“Very, very good. Really enjoyed the day.”

Liz Webb – Solihull Chamber of Commerce

“I definitely feel more confident than I did before about presenting. I found the course very helpful.”

Leanne Patel – Black Country Housing Association


“Very interesting, never boring, really stretched me. Would recommend for colleagues to attend. Would like to re-visit this training in 2 years.”

Angie Smith, Optima Housing

“Refreshingly different course with value learnings to take away and reflect upon.”

Mathew Rogers, Cancer Research UK

“I think the lessons of the day will be realised not immediately but in years to come as the trainees mature, they will realise the benefits and lessons of the day. Just like Mr Miyagi from the original Karate Kid film where his student performed mundane chores such as cleaning a car with “Wax on, Wax off” and was secretly preparing him with this unorthodox method. Likewise, with Applied Improvisation the lessons are immediately less tangible, but the skills elicited will prove to being applicable to our clinical work as well as having potential benefits for our personal relationships with colleagues, families and spouses.”

Dr Sarby Soorae, North Birmingham VTS Training Program Director

 “I thought this workshop was truly excellent, and would highly value another session led by the same facilitator.”
”I loved this workshop!”
“The workshop was not what I had initially imagined – very interactive. I’ve done a lot of presenting before but still found the session really useful.”
“I felt that we were given a wide range of tools and techniques to present, depending on audience. I feel more confident at presenting as a result.”

Presentation Skills Training Attendees – Cancer Research UK

“I really enjoyed Jon’s approach to presentation skills training, which was a perfect balance of fun and pressure, allowing me to build my skills and confidence in a relaxed environment. I also left with an armoury of practical tips and techniques  which I can refer back to time and again. Since the workshop, my confidence in presenting has increased greatly, and I have found it much easier to control and rationalise my fear.”

Jo-Anne Croft  – Communications Strategist, Green Ink 

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