Creative Facilitation

It’s all about listening and consultation.  Most companies have got the message now.  But how do you go about it?

Creative Facilitation means that no matter what the topic or issue under discussion everybody really gets a chance to contribute

The Health and Safety Department decided to run a brainstorm on their awayday…

The quietest voices are heard alongside the loudest, the modest supporters aren’t drowned out by the vociferous complainers, and all points of view are valued and recorded. 

As a Creative Facilitator I can call on a huge toolbox of techniques and methodologies to enable participants to use their imagination, senses and intuition, as well as their logic and reason. 

Whether its forward planning, post event-evaluation, managing change, balancing conflicting stakeholder needs or just encouraging creative thought and action, I can draw upon a matrix of NLP, improv and drama-based activities, co-coaching, group process, Open Space Technology, and a thousand-and-one other powerful Facilitation tools to make your sessions really sing.

What has been your experience of facilitation?

Here are three better techniques

If you are interested in genuine consultation and tapping into real responses, call me.

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