Applied Improvisation

“Improvisation is too good to leave to chance” – Paul Simon

When I’m not hard at work trying to fill the world with brilliant communicators, I am teaching, playing and peforming with my Improv company Box of Frogs.

But life and the day job don’t separate so easily.  One area of my work that I’m most passionate about is Applied Improvisation.   You see, improvisation requires the following skills and attributes:-

  • excellent listening
  • great teamwork
  • constant collaboration
  • positive acceptance of others
  • great sensitivity
  • an upbeat and open approach
  • regard for detail
  • enormous willingness to welcome problems as opportunities
  • a wide open mind
  • a non-blocking mindset
  • a massive sense of fun and adventure
  • an eager willingness to take risks
  • a huge concern to support others
  • a desire to succeed
  • an active imagination
  • comfort and ease with rapid change
  • spontaneity and sparkle
  • fearless leadership
  • trusting followership
  • constant attitude of delighted anticipation

Which of these would you not like to develop in your workplace?

These are also the skills that go towards making a great CEO, manager, team leader, co-worker, customer handler, salesperson or any other role you have – in fact, they are also likely to help in any and every aspect of your life that you can think of!

Whether or not you are interested in being a performer, the skills learnt in an Improv workshop are invaluable in the workplace, and in life – great listening, amazing teamwork and boundless care and respect for the other players. Because of this Applied Improv is a fantastic way of bringing about personal, organisational and social change.

In fact, it is impossible to learn Improv without being changed. You become more playful, more curious, more supportive, more flexible, less fearful, more collaborative, more appreciative of others, and usually develop a more positive outlook on life (see my blog post on the experience of being in a room with 200 improvisers at the AIN conference).  This is why I love to learn, teach and perform Improv, and why I now embrace it in all my training and facilitation.

In 2012, to spread the word,  I offered absolutely free in-house Applied Improv training workshops, on demand, to businesses and organisations throughout the UK.  It was a great success, and you can read about it on the website –, where there is much more information on my Applied Improv work.

Or Contact me to find out how Applied Improvisation can help you and your colleagues realise your potential as a working team.

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