Customer Service Training

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.

Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude!

In truth, there is nothing I can write here about customer service that you don’t already know.   We’ve all been at the end of good, bad and indifferent service.  Every one of us knows what excellent customer service looks, sounds and feels like.   I have no doubt that if I asked the question, you, your staff and everyone in your organisation would be able to tell me what your customers or service-users expect.

“You are in a queue. Please hold the line. Your call is very important to us….”

The trick is actually delivering it.  Consistently and regularly.  At five minutes to going-home time, when you’re rushed off your feet trying to hit a deadline, and the phone rings with an apparently pointless query.  When there’s a huge queue backing up and the person in front of you is mumbling in a language you don’t recognise.  Or when the client to whom you are supposed to be delivering “the perfect customer experience” is shouting and swearing at you.

Let’s Talk offers Customer Service training that sticks.  Your staff can’t aquire excellent customer care by studying online, any more than they can learn to swim in the library.  Let’s Talk training is live and face-to-face.  It’s learning-by-doing.  It’s best practice in action.  It is engaging, practical and wholly experiential.  By recreating and experiencing genuine customer interactions typical of your organisation, we can discover which techniques really do work, and practice them until they form part of our everyday repertoire.  We can examine what attitudes and behaviours will genuinely help us be the best we can for our customers, every time.

I have run interactive sessions for groups as large as 140 – though a maximum of 20 is usually best.  I have created and delivered courses for organisations in both public and private sector, including Chrysler UK, Heart of Birmingham PCT, RSPB, and BMW.

If you want be sure you deliver outstanding service to your customers and clients call me.

Read my customer service blog article.

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