But where do I find the stories…..?

It’s now standard lore that in order to make your presentation stand-out, in order to capture your listeners’ ears and hearts, you have to use stories.  As I always tell participants on my Public Speaking courses, if you are just giving people facts and information, they aren’t listening.  You have to engage them on some kind of emotional journey, and stories are by far the best means of transport.

“But where do I find the stories?” I hear you ask “I’m not a  raconteur, I’m not a stand-up comedian”. The answer is, they’re right here, you already have them.  What is the most notable success achieved by you or your team recently?  That’s definitely a story worth telling.  What is your most memorable recent failure, and what did you learn from it?  Another story definitely worth telling.  You are already an expert in your own area, and events that happen in your everyday working life are stories that others can and will learn from.  You just need to shape them into a satisfying structure – which will be the topic of my next blog article.

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