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Presenting with Passion – Elected Members, Coventry City Council

This was a first – I was asked to work with Elected Members of the council. I have often worked with employees and officers of Local Authorities, but Coventry have had the great idea of offering personal development courses to it’s elected Councillors.

This was a cross-party group of attendees, and I’m pleased to report that politics never once reared it’s head, everyone worked well together, and it was impossible to tell who was from which side of the benches.

However, what for me was the most interesting moment came right at the end, during feedback. One Councillor said that what he had learnt that day would be most useful outside of the council chamber, addressing community groups, public forums and the like. Inside the chamber, he said, it doesn’t matter how clear, passionate or engaging you are – you will still be shouted down by the opposition. “It’s just yah-boo” he insisted, and his colleagues all agreed. How sad. Yet I hold out for the hope that passionate and well delivered speeches might just break through the barriers of doctrine and engage with the hearts and minds even of our political opponents.

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